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Penguin United Announces Eagle Eye in GameStop Canada

3 video game console.

The Eagle-Eye Converter provides a customized key mapping feature for all PS3 controller buttons that seamlessly transfers the command data to your keyboard and mouse. Now first-person shooter games like Call of Duty; Killzone, and Battlefield can be played with greater dexterity, speed and accuracy than with a standard controller. The Eagle Eye Converter lets you use a Keyboard and Mouse to control the game instead of a traditional PS3 hand-held controller, allowing the user to customize keys and start playing immediately. The Eagle Eye is equipped with a high-capacity CPU, making the mouse movement fluid with no delays.  

The Eagle-Eye has been updated with an Advanced Calibration Function that provides customized mouse speed, smoothness and synchronization. Recognizing every game is made different, the Advance Calibration Function is performed during the game to optimize the mouse movement to each game.  In fact, the Advance Calibration has built-in calibration assistance that helps the user find the optimal setting for each game with ease. There are 3 components of the Advanced Calibration Function worth noting: Sensitivity Adjustment which manages the overall speed of the mouse movement; Dead Zone Neutralization that improves the smoothness of the mouse's movements, particularly during moments requiring micro-movements such as zooming in on a target; and Synchronization that allows downloading and backup of new optimized mouse movements to your PC which can be shared with friends or a gaming community.

"The Eagle Eye has experienced tremendous success," stated Richard Huang, Penguin United's General Manager. "U.S. sales have been very strong since the 2010 launch and continue to grow. We are ver oled technology on mobile phone y excited to have the Eagle Eye represented by GameStop Canada. This is a great opportunity for us and we look forward to bringing the Eagle Eye to the video game community throughout Canada."

Product Highlights: •    Converts most standard USB HID Keyboard and Mouse into a PS3 Controller •   Advanced Calibration Function improves speed, smoothness and synchronization •   1 to my photo and wallpaper 1 translation from the PS3 right analog stick to the mouse movement for an ultra accurate aim in FPS. •   Maps out all PS3 buttons and left analog stick via included software to customize your control.  Right analog stick defaults to mouse movement. •   Compatible with all PS3 games. •   USB 2.0 Keyboard and Mouse inputs. •   13 ft. USB cable connects to PS3   •   Turbo option for Y, B, A, RB, RT, LB, LT buttons •   Programmable Macro Functions to turn any single key into a combination of moves.   •   Compatible with all PS3 console versions, future proof 531276856  with firmware updates. •   Quick, easy set up in less than 1 minute with included software •   SRP: $69.99

About Penguin United Penguin United (http://www.PenguinUnited.com) was established by gamers for gamers and is dedicated to enhancing the experience of electronic entertainment. Penguin's mission is to provide gamers with a cost-effective line of video game accessories that are equal in quality, performance and reliability to other similar products on the market.  Phone: 888-988-3388

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