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Plantronics Savi: The Newest Next Generation in Wireless Technology

road. Also having the ability to conference with up to three additional headsets, the ability to continue through multiple calls is priceless.

An innovative design of the wireless headset, with th my photo and wallpaper ree comfortable styles, a "Hot swappable battery" for unlimited talk time, and the lightest headset around. The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise, so the calls are crystal clear and uninterrupted. With wide band audio, for high definition voice quality, and "Enhanced Digital Signal Processing" makes for a more natural sounding call.

The 700 series of the Plantronics Savi headset are recommended for office workers that have a mix of desk phone, mobile device and pc communications. The different styles make the wireless headset versatal with different configuration to choose from, over the ear, over the head, behind the ear, and either a monaural or binaural option. Featuring the DECT 6.0, Bluetooth technology, the range of 350 feet will help even the busiest of office personal. A 7-hour talk time, sound guard hearing protection, and call answer, end, flash and mute function, help keep most calls hands free.

The built in sensors deliver unparalleled performance by being able to answer a call by just placing the headset on, and updating softphone status. The built in adaptive power controls feature optimizes range by switching to low power mode when the Plantronics Savi headset i oled technology on mobile phone s near the base or the USB adapter. With a frequency range of up to 6,800 Hz, this product meats the TIA-920 standards of genuine sideband response. Keeping calls clear regardless of the 531276856  environment is the function of the "AudioIQ2" technology. This feature automatically adjusts for incoming calls for the most comfortable listening level around. With the available feature of SoundGuard and SoundGuard Digital, the wireless headset keeps the dBA level below 118, with soundguard, and below 85dBA with SoundGuard Digital, for the best protection on the market today.

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