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RoadVision's Trailer Lamp Control Module means no more Flat Batteries

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 30, 2011 – No more flat batteries because someone left the light on !

RoadVision introduces their latest product innovation with the Trailer Lamp Control Module. Specifically designed for the refrigerated transport industry the TLCM is essentially a light switch with an integrated timer and the intelligence to monitor battery voltage.

Suitable for all trailer and lamp types, drivers can return to the cab after a delivery with the knowledge that starting the vehicle will not be an issue.  The TLCM's primary purpose is to eliminate flat batteries by automatically limiting the time interior lights remain on and then disables the lights should the battery voltage fall below 12.1 volts.

The switch is tamper proof and features a large ergonomically designed momentary button that can be easily activated even if the operator is required to wear safety gloves or protective clothing.  With an impressive IP68 rating it's completely dust and water proof and will operate down to -42 degrees C. The product was designed in Austra oled technology on mobile phone lia by GreaterLinx after discussion with leading refrigerated transport fleets and manufactured in Germany to achieve the highest quality standards.

From a fleet operators perspective flat batteries and associated direct and indirect costs are a major issue that my photo and wallpaper can be eliminated by installing the Trailer lamp 1086274749  Control Module.

Available part numbers: TLCM30 – Time duration set to 30 minutes. TLCM180 – Time duration set to 180 minutes. TLCMMH1 – Harness 1 meter.

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