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Car FM Modulators could soon become obsolete

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 06, 2011 – PORTAGE, Mich. — TAW~Global, LLC has noticed a possible shift in the car FM modulator market and is now providing a full breakdown of the pros and cons of a wired FM modulator.

TAW~Global, a manufacturer of a wireless FM modulator, has heard from many of their customers that installing their wired FM modulator was a frustrating and timely process. Some of their customers have even reported electrical malfunctions caused from poor installation. Despite these concerns most people still believe that wired FM modulators are the best, and only, way to enjoy an MP3 player in the car.

"The problem with this assumption is that a quality wireless FM modulator will have the same audio quality as a wired unit without the hassle of installation," a spokesperson for TAW~Global said. "So not only does it perform just as good as a wired FM modulator, but you don't oled technology on mobile phone have to risk damaging your car with costly installation."

By educating consumers, TAW~Global is trying to clear up the many misconceptions that consumers have about FM modulators. With this new information consumers should be able to avoid the costly mistake of buying a product that simply does not perform well. TAW~Global has been in the modulator business for several years, and over that time have done extensive research to fully understand the inner workings of a modulator.

"When it comes to car FM modulators, the wireless version allows people to enjoy crystal clear audio without the need for installation," TAW~Global owner Tom Webb said. "It really doesn't make sense to buy a wired FM modulator that only works in a single vehicle, when a quality wireless FM modulator can be used in any location."

   Some of the most important factors of a quality wireless FM modulator, for your car, are transmis my photo and wallpaper sion distance and versatility. A larger transmission distance means that your music will sound rich, clear and — most importantly — static free. Versatility means that quality modulators can be used in any situation and with any audio source. Some lower quality modulators have only one way to power the unit or are only compatible with one audio source (such as an iPod) which can severely diminish the ways in which you can use it.

   Wireless FM modulators (i.e. FM transmitters) are used to broadcast audio — from MP3 players, computers, TVs, etc — to FM radios. They take your audio input and convert it into RF signals; these signals are then transmitted to whatever FM radio you choose. The modulator and radio(s) are then tuned to the same radio frequency so that you can hear your music. Wireless FM modulators can be used in your car, home, office and many other places. For more information, access their full explanation on what makes a quality car FM 531276856  modulator at http://wholehousefmtransmitter.com/car-fm-modulator.php.

   TAW~Global was established in 2003 and they are the designer of the Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0. They are a family owned and operated company — based out of Portage, MI — that designs and markets specialty products aimed at meeting the unique needs and demands of consumers around the world.

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