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Credit Unions Install RFID to Track Data Center Assets

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 05, 2011 – With personal loan customers ready to get back into an improving economy, the Credit Union is on the front line of Main Street financing.  Its customers represent the heart of Main Street. Customers use credit union services to finance their homes, thei oled technology on mobile phone ">my photo and wallpaper r cars, and the solid mainstays of American living.  Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are owned by their members.  They are non-profit organizations, whose members reap the benefits of any cost-cutting measures the organization implements.  That's why data center managers are moving quickly to solve the problem of tracking computer equipment between multiple company locations.  A typical credit union  owns hundreds of items of equipment, each of which needs to be configured correctly for its use in the customer network.  Whenever the Information Technology department moved or reconfigured a piece of equipment, it had to carefully document where the equipment was and how it was configured.  It wasn't just the  IT Department who cared where the equipment was and what it was doing.  The Accounting Department also had a list of "needs and wants" for data about each item.  Between all the demands for paperwork, the data center manager wanted to ensure that customer service took first place in the Credit Union's process.

To solve this asset tracking problem, data center managers installed a NOX Vault handheld reader by SimplyRFID.  The  barcode labels on items in the equipment room were upgraded to RFID tags.  Now the process is as simple as pointing the reader into the room, and reading the list of equipment on the screen.  What was once a days-long effort is solved in six seconds.  Any item that is missing, displays on the screen.  The credit union no longer worries that an equipment item might be mis-placed or cause a customer delay.  

"Our customers are our members and owners," the data center 531276856  manager says.  "When we can find a way to reduce our cost of operations and increase the turnaround on our customer service, we jump at the chance.  Fully accurate tracking of our computer equipment was a top priority.  NOX Vault provided a simple and accurate solution that works for our members' needs."

More information about the NOX Vault handheld reader is available at http://SimplyRFID.com/nox-vault.html

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