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The Electrolux Built-in Microwave Oven with Convection & Grill

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2011 – The Electrolux EMC2867BI is the perfect kitchen companion for those of us who have a guilty pleasure for browned, crisped, or grilled meals. Built with integrated solutions to offer maximum functionality, the Electrolux Built-In Microwave Oven with Convection & Grill can do most cooking work for us in our kitchens. The new microwave oven is a very efficient time saver and has a quick defrost function. Visit for more details.

The Electrolux EMC2867BI microwave oven is crafted with your convenience in mind. Its features include touch control panels, a built-in trim kit and front venting, a convection microwave grill, and 10 programmed functions for much easier cooking. What's more that, it has an electronic rotary dial and push button controls, which, considering that not all my photo and wallpaper of us would be very comfortable with the techy touch panel controls, is very pragmatic. Visit the website, to know more about the variety of ovens available for your kitchen.

The microwave has a typical LED display and a stainless steel knob finish that many consumers find very appealing; appealing in its simplicity, that is. In an attempt to make it even more convenient, the microwave oven was programmed with up to ten built-in options: delay sta oled technology on mobile phone rt, quick start, defrost by weight, defrost by time, auto cook, auto reheat, cooking by weight, auto cooked, grilled by weight, and reheat by time.

Electrolux EMC2867BI is programmed and perfect for vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, soup, and of course, our everyday favorite, pizza. An additional grill insert is also included as an accessory. On top of that the microwave has 12/24 digital clock that has an auto timer functions to set the duration, time of day, and delay start options. Greatly efficient for the avid kitchen-person, the microwave also offers up to four cooking modes.

On the outside, our soon-to-be kitchen companion is made with an E-Line design, trimmed and blotch-impervious stainless steel. It's very slick and at 531276856  the same time feature-wise. And now, isn't that just amazing.

TECHNICAL: •   10 Built in functions •   Touch control panels, with push button and dial controls •   True built-in solution •   Fully built-in with trim kit and front venting •   E-Line design •   Slick mark-resistant exterior made of stainless steel •   Quick defrost •   Convection power microwave grill

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