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Astronauts Prepare For 135th And Final Space Shuttle Mission

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2011 – The space 30 year space shuttle program will come to an end after today's launch from spaceport. Space shuttle Atlantis will make its final mark in history when it will launch from Port Canaveral today July 8, 2011 around 11:30am Eastern Time, that is if the weather permits.

Forecast shows cloudy skies over the p oled technology on mobile phone ort and if conditions are not suitable by launch time, NASA will postpone the launch until Saturday July 9th,2011. Which will be an end to a historic and horrific 30 year era.

"America's longest space-flying streak ends this week with the smallest crew in decades — three men and a woman who were in high school or college when the first space shuttle soared 30 years ago."

"History will remember these final four as bookending an era that began with two pilots who boldly took a shuttle for a two-day spin in 1981 without even a test flight. That adventure blasted space wide open for women, minorities, scientists, schoolteachers, politicians and even a prince."

"On Friday aboard Atlantis, this last crew will make NASA's 135th and final shuttle flight. It will be years before the United States sends its own spacecraft up again."

NASA will send a flight crew of 4 people aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis into space. The flight crew consists of 3 men and 1 women and their names are Commander – Christopher Ferguson, Co-Pilot – Douglas Hurley,Co-Pilot – Rex Walheim, Co-Pilot – Sandra Magnus.

Their final mission will include delivering supplies and spare parts to the International Space station over the next 12 days.The space shuttle played a vital role in the construction and operation of the orbital outpost.

The representatives at NASA are ending the 30 year program to focus on deeper space travel. News reports that NASA has many new projects in the works to make this happen. The agency is working with several commercial U.S. aerospace companies to develop vehicles to replace the shuttles. has more information 531276856  about this historic event. Get the most up to date news on the Space Shuttle Launch and other historic events related to the flight crew my photo and wallpaper s mission in space.

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