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Senior Citizen: CANADA: Medical Pill Dispenser: Automatic: Electronic Pill Reminder: Organizer:

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2011 – Senior Citizen: CANADA my photo and wallpaper : Medical Pill Dispenser: Automatic: Electronic Pill Reminder: Organizer:

Electronic Medication Pill Dispenser so you won't forget to take your medication: Automatic Pill Dispenser......Senior Citizens in Canada Love it....Order yours Today...


Visit our web page @ or call toll free 1-866-559-4086

This system was especially designed for the elderly Alzheimer's patients, visually or mentally impaired, and  patients with complicated daily medical regimes

Fully Automatic Pill Dispenser

Easy SET-UP  

SIMPLE To Use& oled technology on mobile phone #13;

Long Duration Buzzer Sounds Continuously Until The Pills Are Removed

Capacity: ONE Week's Supply Of Pills Up To FOUR Times per Day

Transparent Cover

28 Compartments Each Can Hold Several Pills (Up To 18 Aspirin Size Pills)

Compartment Size 20% Larger Than Other Automatic Pill Dispensers

Medication TRAY

Lockable With 531276856  KEY

Tamper Resistant (Unable To Get To Medications Before It Is Time)

Alarm: LOUD SOUND + Blinking Light

Low battery Alarm - Batteries Included - 12 Month Warranty

Extra Trays Available!

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