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multi-function active sound system support U disk/Mini SD/MMC card iPod Speaker

They are a digital multimedia speaker system for audio devices. Compatible with iPods, MP3 players, CD players and personal computers.

It Also have

   * Dual smart alarm feature — wake up to iPod music or FM radio    * Tweakable bass & treble for full acoustics control    * Fully adjustable LED display — control the level of brightness    * This mini audio box can be deemed as perfect combination of classic and modern performance , and it is praised as masterwork of audio boxes.    * New mini aluminum vibration film loud speaker, which has clear alt and pure woof. The unique design makes tone performance perfect    * Mini audio box with new concept integral stereo portable mobile music, connecting your MP3, CD, DVD, iPod, iPhone, GPS, PSP, mobile phone, notebook computer.    *  High density metal shell shows noble and fashionable, out of ordinary, with many colors, several solution, for your option.    *  This compact travel speaker system is ideal for use at the office, home, carry where you go.    *  You can enjoy sweet stereo sound product from the aluminum s my photo and wallpaper peaker.    *  Several power supply manners including battery, computer USB, adaptor DC-5.5V allow you to enjoy the charm of digital products at any time.

Specifications:1. A new concept multi-function active sound system, support U disk/Mini SD/MMC card, Support iPod 2. 1.5 inch TFT high definition color screen, song lyrics display. 3. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Support the language of 24 conuntries. 4. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Support MP3/MIDI/WMA/WAV a variety of music formats. 5. 3.5mm line-in interface, you can play MP3/MP4/MP5/iPod/CD/DVD, notebooks, mobile phone and other audio devices. 6. PC interface type USB2.0 support clock display alarm clock funtion. 7. MIC recording funtion, support high-quality headphone output. 8. Three types of power supply: Lithium battery-powered, computer USB power supply, DC power supply 9. FM stereo radio oled technology on mobile phone : FM76.0MHz-108.0MHz 10. Multi-loop playback mode, supports a variety of sound.

Basic Parameters: 1. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Type: Active 2. Channel system: 2.0 3. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Quantity: 1 4. SNR: >80dB 5. Frequency Response: 200Hz to 15KHz 6. Power: 3 watts per channel 7. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Input Interface: 3.5mm standard stereo interface, USB2.0/SD card 8. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Input impedance: >6K Ohm 9. 531276856  Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz 10. Sensitivity: 400mV 11. Power supply: Built-in lithium power supply. USB or DC5V-500mAh transformer(optional) 12. USB Speaker/Mini Speaker Weight: About 500g

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