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One-of-a-Kind Online Resource for Aspiring Helicopter Pilots Launches to 1st Page in Google

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 15, 2011 – The Helicopter License Center announced today it has launched a one-of-a-kind website for anyone interested in learning to fly helicopters in the United States, both privately and professionally.

The new website, located at http://www.HelicopterLicenseCenter.com, is designed to provide aspiring helicopter pilots and enthusiasts a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate resource that not only defines the different types of helicopter licenses and certificates, but also compiles and explains Federal Aviation Administration rules, regulations, and eligibility and training requirements for each type of pilot license.

In addition, the website provides answers to common questions that aspiring pilots often ask, including:

•   How do I get a helicopter pilot license? •   How much does a helicopter pilot license cost?& my photo and wallpaper #13;•   How much do professional helicopter pilots make? •   What is the Federal Aviation Administration?•   How do I become a helicopter pilot instructor?

The Helicopter License Center also provides aspiring pilots a free listing of available helicopter pilot jobs in the U.S. The listing, powered by Inde oled technology on mobile phone ed.com, is updated daily and includes more than 100 current job openings across the country for pilots holding various types of licenses and certificates.

In two weeks the Helicopter License Center has already climbed to the first page in Google for the search term "helicopter license," proving to fill a wide online void as a valuable resource 531276856  of information for people wanting to learn about helicopter pilot training.

The Helicopter License Center pledges on its homepage to remain 100% unbiased and provide updated, easy-to-understand information about anything related to helicopter pilot training. For more information, visit http://www.HelicopterLicenseCenter.com.

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