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Shuttle Atlantis Is Not Letting Urine Go To Waste

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 09, 2011 – According to Green Bean Buddy, Space Shuttle Atlantis, that successfully launched on Friday, has also launched a test of a device that recycles waste-water into a drinkable solution.

The device is a F.O.B (forward osmosis bag). The technology of reusing waste water is not a new technology and has been used on the past shuttle voyages. What makes the difference is the fact that this device is portable and uses no power to function.


The representatives at Green Bean buddy go on to explain how the device works and explains that the benefits and uses could be endless.

   "This could be a first step toward recapturing the humidity from our sweat, from our breath, even from our urine, and recycling it and making it drinkable," said NASA project scientist and experiment leader Howard Levine."

"Here's How It Works…

"wastewater fills the bag and passively transfersUrine through an inner my photo and wallpaper layer, which contains the sugar solution; toxins are left behind as the liquid passes from the outer layer to the inner and the wastewater becomes safe to drink."

" However, Wired notes, the system hasn't been perfected yet, and certain toxins can still get through the filters. These toxins can build up in the kidneys over time, making the FOB practical only for short journeys."

"The Atlantis astronaut who will test the filtration system won't be using waste-water, though, and will instead use a "potassium-rich solution" to test the baggie during the shuttle's 12-day mission at the International Space Station."

"Oh The Possibilities..

"The uses for this technology could be endless, imagine having this handy device while camping or hiking or hey maybe just a long road trip with the family and you just don't feel like stopping every five minutes for the kids, but don't get to excited about the tho oled technology on mobile phone ught 531276856  of turning your waste into Tang,  it is still in its testing phase and will be a few years before it will be introduced back on Earth."

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.greenbeanbuddy.com/475/nasa-testing-drinkable ...

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