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Flytouch 4 IV is a Built-in 3g Flytouch 3 nicknamed FlyingTouch4

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 10, 2011 – The latest release of the iBex FlyingTouch4 a.k.a. Flytouch 3 with Built-in 3g Sim Card slot, or "Flytouch 4" will present many questions to current and potential Flytouch III / IV buyers.

While I just got one sample unit to play around with for a day, there are many aspects of the device that I have not been able to test or verify.

Let's start with the physical differences between the FlyingTouch4 and the Flytouch 3.

Memory card slots: The Flytouch 4 has 2 built-in TF Card Slots. This is kind of reminescent of the Flytouch 2 which also had two MicroSD Card Slots.

The Flytouch3 only has 1 TF Card / MicroSD Card Slot. The fact that the FT4 has two slots technically means you bought two 32gb MicroSD cards you could have a 64gb - 68gb Flytouch4 (there are 4gb's built-in).

The next difference is the Flytouch4 only has one USB port, and where the RJ45 Port used to be there is now a built-in 3g WCMDA Sim Card Slot. This means you can access internet via Wifi or 3g Broadband. If you really wanted to still connect to Ethernet you could always buy oled technology on mobile phone a USB to RJ45 Adapter.

Lastly for the slots, both models have a mini HDMI slot meaning you can enjoy movies through a large LCD display TV.

The other outer physical aspects are merely the same. One thing that is different with the internal components is that the iBex Flytouch3 has a 8,000mah battery. The Flytouch 4 has a 6400mah battery.  I am not sure if you could buy a 8000mah iBex replacement battery to upgrade the battery. If you did though you would probably need to buy the corresponding 5V charger. my photo and wallpaper

Next for the firmware; The Flytouch4 runs a new firmware called YOSPad. It is pretty robust and has built-in Youtube, Android Market, Flash, Etc. There is built-in Bluetooth and in addition to 3g broadband internet, the Flytouch4 also supports phone calling and receiving calls so it is really like a Phone Pad.

I did forget to download Angry Birds and try to play it, but maybe that will be for next review.

The iBex Flytouch3 runs the Disco10 firmware version.  I am not sure if the latest rom of Tim's 4E hybrid rom release will work with the FlyingTouch4 or whether s0l's sOl's rom will work either as Tim's does not have built-in 3g in build, and Sol's 3G ROM Support was for Huawei E1750 External 3g modem.  

I do not advise flashing any non-official ROM's onto the FlyingTouch4 until people on the support forums can confirm compatibility and whether or not the built-in 3g functionality will not be lost if unit is flash. Hopefully, someone can figure out how to add built-in 3g patch into the hybrid rom.

All in all, I really had a good time reviewing the iBex Flytouch 4. I am supposed to be getting another unit in next week for a more in depth review so stay tuned.

Here are some quick features and a where to buy link:

FlyingTouch 4 Features:

   - Android 2.2 operating 531276856  system.    - Infotmic 4th gerneration processor, 1GHz.    - DDR2 512MB, 4GB HDD, TF card expansion.    - 10-inch high definition resistive touch screen.    - WIFI, built in 3G module (WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz).    - Supports making and receiving calls.    - G-Sensor:support screen rotation, 3D acceleration G-games.    - 1.3MP camera, 1080P HDMI.    - Built in Bluetooth, GPS module     - 3D Games, 3D navigation, G-sensor, WWW/WAP browser.    - Handwriting input, easy for those not quite good at typing.

Available Here: 4

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